Traffic Generation Tips For Online Course Creators

+ 10 Traffic Traits to Help You Match Your Traffic Strategy to Your Existing Talents

Importance of Traffic

You’ve created your online course, put together an awesome website, now you just need some visitors to check it out and enroll!

Getting traffic is a struggle for virtually every course owner (unless you happen to have a list of subscribers waiting to buy what you offer). Even then, you’ll need more traffic to scale.

As you know, there are dozens of traffic generation methods to choose from. This article covers the main traffic generation techniques.

Despite the number of different methods you can choose from, many companies have built up all their following with just a single method. started in 1997 with word-of-mouth marketing (referral marketing). As reported by Lynda herself, they ‘always charged for our work without over charging, and people who respected it and learned from us shared their appreciation by telling others.” Great positioning and referrals helped grow into the gigantic powerhouse of how-to videos it is today.

Buffer got their start by using guest blogging as their main strategy. UniverseToday grew through SEO and content marketing.

Know that you don’t need to master every traffic generation method available to you. Even just one can make a big difference to course enrollments and ultimately, your profits.