Online Course Platforms What is LifterLMS?

What is LifterLMS?

LifterLMS is a learning management system (LMS) that serves as a nearly all-in-one platform for your online course business. You can accept payments, create courses, offer memberships, and more with this WordPress LMS plugin.


Who LifterLMS is For:

LifterLMS is for online course creators who prefer having complete control over their online course. LifterLMS is an LMS plugin that runs on WordPress so you’ll need to host your own WordPress install and manage the plugin updates as well as maintain integrations with other tools.

Skill Level:

LifterLMS is very close to an all-in-one solution which means you’ll have less integrations and piecing together of solutions. If you’re already familiar with WordPress then getting your course set-up with LifterLMS will be a snap. Just integrate the plugin with your payment processor, your email marketing solution, and upload your course content.


Once you purchase a license you’ll login to an account area on the LifterLMS site. You can login and download the plugin as well as get your license key. From there, you’ll need to install the LifterLMS plugin on your own hosting account. Once that’s done, you’ll configure your course and the integrations from within your WordPress installation.

Special Features:

With LifterLMS, just about everything is ready to go right out of the box. It’s nearly a complete solution for your online course business. In fact, you’ll really just need an email marketing solution to complete your tool-set. You can use the default theme and LifterLMS will create login and registration pages for you as well as provide the order forms.

The notifications feature you can enable within LifterLMS is also very impressive. You can show notifications to learners after they finish watching a video, take a quiz, complete a lesson or module, or really, just about anything. This adds to the feeling that a learner is not alone. It’s a great built-in feature of the tool.


LifterLMS does not offer many different integrations especially for email marketing tools. If you choose to use it, you’ll be limited to only a couple of email marketing solutions which is OK as long as you’re willing to use one of those supported tools.

The LifterLMS default registration and payment forms look outdated so while the plugin offers support for them, you may decide to swap them out for something else.

Detailed Features

✔ Multimedia lessons✔ Credit card payments✔ Achievement badges
✔ Quizzes✔ One-time payments✔ Certificates
✔ Assignments✔ Recurring payments✔ Personalized email
✔ Drip content✔ Payment plans✔ Social learning
✔ Prerequisites✔ Unlimited pricing models✔ Private coaching
✔ Course tracks✔ Coupons✔ Text messaging
✔ Course reviews
✔ Sitewide memberships✔ Payment gateways✔ Reporting
✔ Course bundles✔ Email marketing✔ Access management
✔ Automatic enrollment✔ WordPress themes✔ Student management
✔ Content restrictions✔ CRM
✔ Bulk course enrollment

Pricing Model

Starting Price: While the core plugin is free, you’ll need to pay $99/year for each add-on. Add-ons allow you to integrate the plugin with other useful tools like an email marketing solution and a payment processor. You’ll likely need to integrate LifterLMS with one of each so your total would be $99 x 2 per year.

Advanced Plans: $999/year for the Infinity Bundle which includes all the available add-ons. This includes unlimited active sites, design add-ons, eCommerce add-ons, marketing and CRM add-ons, form add-ons, advanced quizzes and assignments, private coaching features, and social learning features.

Annual Savings: The plugin can only be purchased annually, there are no monthly payment options.

Trial Option: There is a 30-day demo where you pay $1 and you can try out the Infinity Bundle option for 30 days.

Free Version: The core WordPress plugin is completely free.

Guarantee: There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer Support

Training: Documentation and FAQs articles.
Support: Email support.

Company Details

Founded in: 2014 by Chris Badgett and Thomas Levy
Headquarters: California, USA

Competing Tools

LearnDash is another WordPress LMS plugin you may want to consider. There are trade-offs between the two products. LearnDash offers more LMS functionality while LifterLMS offers a more complete solution for running an online course business all from within the single plugin. Check-out a complete LearnDash vs LifterLMS review for more of the differences.


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