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Blubrry Podcast Hosting

Blubrry is a podcast hosting provider with seamless WordPress integration using the PowerPress plugin. Blubrry provides advanced statistics for your podcast and other audio files.


Who Blubrry is For:

If you have audio/podcast files then you need a streaming audio hosting solution. The ideal Blubrry user is a podcaster who is uploading podcast audio files weekly or monthly. Alternately, if you offer an online course with audio only files then Blubrry podcast hosting is still a good fit for you.

Skill Level:

Blubrry podcast hosting is very simple to use. It takes a little effort to link PowerPress with Blubrry, but once you’ve got that set-up, you’ll upload new files to your Blubrry account, publish them, and then copy and paste the Blubrry link to your WordPress post. It’s very easy to use.

If you’re not using WordPress then you can get a link to your audio file and copy and paste that into an audio player or allow your visitors to download your audio file. Accessing statistics takes nearly no effort so you can see how well your audio files/podcasts are doing at any time.


You’ll access your Blubrry account from your online dashboard. You can access your dashboard from a mobile device, but currently, there is no mobile app.

Special Features:

Blubrry offers no-fault hosting where if you need a little extra storage they’ll lift your cap at no extra charge. That means you don’t have to upgrade to the next service level when you just need extra storage every so often. They’ll send you an email letting you know about the overage and if you need to get the next plan up you can. Blubrry doesn’t charge for bandwidth, only for new uploads so all your previous audio files are still available for your visitors. You don’t pay any extra for that.


I upload a lot of audio all at once so sometimes the monthly upload limit is too low even with the no-fault hosting feature. It can be a hassle to get a new plan with a higher upload limit and then downgrade the next month when I don’t need to upload anything. As long as you remember to do it then it’s still very economical. Most all podcast hosts are this way though so it’s not just a disadvantage of Blubrry.

Detailed Features

✔ WordPress integration✔ Measure downloads✔ WordPress plugin
✔ Monthly overages✔ Traffic sources✔ SEO settings
✔ Replace archive✔ Certified results✔ Subscription tools
✔ Unlimited storage & bandwidth options✔ Print and export options✔ Channels, categories, post types

Pricing Model

Starting Price: $12/month for 100 MB of new uploads.

Advanced Plans: $80/month for 1,000 MB of new uploads.

Annual Savings: There is no annual payment plan for any of their subscriptions as far as I can see.

Trial Option: There is no trial option for any plan.

Free Version: There is no free version, all plans are paid plans.

Guarantee: There is no money back guarantee, however you can cancel at any time.

Customer Support

Training: Support documentation and forum.
Support: Email, phone support, and video conferencing.

Company Details

Founded in: 2005
Headquarters: Michigan, USA

Competing Tools

Libsyn is a Blubrry alternative. They offer podcast hosting starting at a low price and have been around for a long time. Buzzsprout is another popular option.


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