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Create a Google Plus Business Page

You’ll need a Google+ profile before you can set up a Google+ page for your business. The profile is for you personally while a page is for a business.  Once you have your profile ready to go, you’ll be able to start a business page from within it.

Here I am logged into my Google+ profile.

Along the left, you’ll see a column of icons you may click on to navigate around your profile.  If you click on More, you’ll see an icon for Pages.

Click on Pages. Here is where all your pages will show up (if you have any):

Click on Create a New Page. You’ll need to pick a category for your new page.

You can choose from the following:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other – Use this category if your page doesn’t fit any of the other categories.

Many of these categories will have further sub-categories. If you select Product or Brand, you’ll be prompted to pick a sub-category and here I’ve selected Education.

Then hit Next. At that point you’ll be prompted to create your new page by choosing a name along with a link to your website.  The name can be your company name, a website name, or whatever you feel fits.

Once you have the basics of your Google Plus page ready, you’ll want to add a profile photo.

This photo should be at least 250 x 250 pixels.  And since this is a business page, it’s perfectly fine to use your logo or a business image. It’s best to use the same logo or image that you have on any other platforms (like Twitter or for your website). That way you start to build a brand.

You can also change the cover photo. Google Plus has a gallery that you can select a photo from or you can upload your own photo. This image should be 940 x 180 to fit in the space best.

Again, a logo or a business image will work best. You can also take a screenshot of a webpage, a product, or graphics from any element of your site.  Both these images can be changed at any time just by clicking on them.

You can start editing your profile now. The first piece of information you’ll want to add is your tagline.

The tagline should just be a short summary of what your Google+ page or your business is about.  People will be looking at this to help them determine if they want to add you to their circle, so try to come up with something enticing for people in your market.

The next thing you’ll want to enter is your Introduction.

You can add in quite a bit of information here including links to your website, other social profiles you run, and descriptive text.

You want to expand on your Tagline in the Introduction and can include several paragraphs here.

You can also add in your contact information like a phone number, email address, and a link to your site. This will help people get in touch with your business.

And the last piece of information is your links section. You can include links to your website including; specific pages or sections on your site, product or service pages, or links to other social media profiles here. You should include links to whatever you’d like to highlight here.

Over on the right you’ll see the ‘Link website’ button.  If you click on that, it’ll provide you with code to add to your website home page which will give you added features for your Google Plus business page.

At this point your Google+ business page is complete.  You’ve got images and your profile settings all filled in. Now you should add a few status updates to your page.

Just enter your updates in the “Share what’s new …” box.

You can use the icons on the right to add in video, images, events, or links.

Industry news makes for a great update. If you offer informative articles on your website add those in along with a quick summary plus the link to the webpage. This is the type of content that will help build trust with your target market. Instead of just trying to sell your product or service, you’re helping people by providing them with valuable content related to your industry.

Once you’ve got a few updates in your Google+ page, you can start adding people to your circles (if you’d like).  It used to be that with Google Plus pages, you couldn’t add or even interact with people until they circled you first. But Google has changed the rules.  Google+ pages can now interact with users who haven’t circled them first.

Once you have people following your page, you can organize them into circles.  The default circles are Following, Customers, VIPs, and Team members. You can add or delete circles to come up with a different categorization if you’d like.

You can send messages to a specific circle, which will allow you to target a segment of your followers. And you can also view status updates or a particular circle as well.

Getting Followers

You can post about your Google+ page on your profile.  If you’ve got people already following you there then that will help let them know about your new business page.

You’ll also want to add one of the Google+ Badges to your site. You can get those here.

You can choose from the icon, the small badge, or the standard badge.

The icon is just a small Google+ icon.  There are no directions with it so people are not going to know what it’s for unless they’re already familiar with it. It’s not recommended unless you’re very short on space.

The small badge will include your page name along with the Google+ icon and a Follow button.

The follow button will drop down for a user who’s signed into their Google Plus profile and they can decide which circle they want to add your page to with just one click. This is very convenient and the extra text on this button will help increase your followers.

The Standard Badge includes everything the small badge has and a +1 button so that people can +1 your page.

The +1 is like your visitors stamp of approval and is similar to the ‘like’ button on Facebook.  Every page you +1 will be displayed in a special tab on your Google+ profile (which you can hide or make public).  It’s a way to bookmark what you like and keep it to yourself or if you’ve got a following, allow your followers to see it.

It also includes your photo (which is probably your logo and makes for a nice image included in the badge). The badge also includes a count of how many people have +1’d the page.  So if you have a lot of +1’s, you’ll want to display this. It’s probably not a good idea to use this Standard Badge until you have a few +1’s or else people might wonder why the number is so low.

Make sure to incorporate one of these badges into your site.  You can add it to your sidebar or the bottom of your pages to help your Google+ page gain exposure and followers.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for all the info on Google plus.
    I just sent up my business account, but it seems I did not have to create a profile first. They didn’t even ask I just went right from the “create a business page.” I use a my website gmail email, maybe that’s why?

    • Hi Shira,
      I wonder if you do actually have a Google+ profile (especially if you used your gmail that already had your name attached to it). So you’ve probably got one, you just didn’t customize it yet. There’s usually a place when you’re on the business page where you can switch back to your profile.

  2. Lisa, if you have more than one online personna, do you create a separate page for each? I may find my answer after reading through this material but thought I’d ask in advance. Either way, how is it best handled?


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