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Pricing Strategies in Marketing Information Products

Pricing your product or service can be extremely stressful. There are business owners who are so good at marketing they can pretty much sell anything, at nearly any price they demand, but for the rest of us, pricing a product or service right is one of the hardest things to do. So unless you have the […]

Are You Goal Oriented?

Many businesses neglect setting clear goals. And even when they have an objective in sight, most fail to monitor their progress. This is especially true of small businesses. According to a National Small Business Survey conducted by Staples, which gathered data from 300 companies with 20 employees or less, more than 80 percent had no […]

11 Traits for Success When Starting a Home Business

Starting a business is a difficult path. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that most failures of new businesses happen within the first two years of operation. In fact, 34% of new businesses are not operating after those first two years. Facts don’t lie. It’s difficult to start a business and keep […]

Infusionsoft vs Other Marketing Automation Tools

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. I will receive a commission if you purchase through one of my links. What’s Infusionsoft? Infusionsoft is a marketing automation system. Here’s a little summary of what it does and then I’ll get into some really cool stuff… Infusionsoft is a fully integrated ecommerce solution. You can use it […]

Marketing Automation Reviews: 3 Tools to Checkout

Search online for “Marketing Automation”, “Autoresponder” or “CRM software” and you’ll find hundreds of vendors offering products from simple autoresponders to robust solutions that include everything but the kitchen sink. Here are three I highly recommend, having used each of them within my own business (Disclosure: I will get a commission if you buy through […]

What is CRM Software?

CRM, which stands for Customer Relations (or Relationship) Management, is software that helps a business keep track of the prospects it is trying to land and the customers it already has. A basic CRM definition is a database comprised of prospect and customer names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses and—oftentimes—useful information pertaining to each […]

Web Hosting Solutions & Reviews

Web hosting is a fundamental tool for building any type of online business. You want a fast, reliable web host that fits the size of your current business with room for growth. You need a web host with a good support system and one that fits into your budget. Paying for an expensive web host […]

Web Hosting Packages Explained

Choosing the right web host is crucial in developing a polished, reliable, and effective website—but if you don’t know much about hosting you may find this task to be a bit of a challenge. The important thing to remember when choosing the right plan for you is to stick to the basics. We’ll cover frequently […]

How to Set Up Google Authorship

I wanted to use the Google Authorship markup and found it to be a little tricky. In fact, I had to visit several websites in order to piece together how to do this. All the guides were fairly complicated and didn’t have all the information I needed to make this work. I actually thought I […]