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How to Change Hyperlink Color in PowerPoint

Do you want to learn how to change hyperlink color in PowerPoint? If so it’s easy to do and you’ll learn how in this quick tutorial. Let’s get started! What is a Hyperlink? I’m sure you’ve seen text on web pages that links to another page or opens up a different document. When you click […]

How to Create a Subscript in PowerPoint

Are you trying to create a subscript in PowerPoint? It’s seems simple, but often these simple tasks take a bit of hunting around to get right. In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a subscript as well as how to do a superscript in PowerPoint. It’s simple. Follow along and let’s get this […]

How to Wrap Text in PowerPoint

Do you have an image on your PowerPoint slide that you’d like to surround with text? If so, you need to learn how to wrap text in PowerPoint. You’ll learn several different methods for wrapping text in this tutorial. So let’s get started … What is Text Wrapping in PowerPoint? It’s called text wrapping because you’re […]

How to Highlight Text in PowerPoint

Are you looking for a quick tutorial on how to highlight text in PowerPoint? It seems like a simple task, but depending on which version of PowerPoint you’re using, it may require a few steps. Review this tutorial and you’ll be on your way to creating highlighted text in PowerPoint in minutes. Why Highlight Text in PowerPoint? […]

11 Fantastic Microlearning Examples (That You May Even Want to Sign Up For)

In the increasingly fast paced schedules kept by many, continual learning is often a difficult goal to pursue. However, people who are constantly learning something new are statistically happier, healthier, and more productive in both their personal and professional lives. Creating an atmosphere of healthy learning is absolutely essential. So how do you help your […]

26 Microlearning Tools to Create More Learner Engagement

First off, what is microlearning? Microlearning is a way of teaching using bite-sized material geared toward meeting specific goals. Creating engaging microlearning is a lot easier with the right tools. And for that you need the top microlearning tools in your toolkit. This article reviews the top tools for creating microlearning. The tools are broken […]

Best USB Microphones for eLearning Voice Overs

Are you thinking about creating voice overs? If you’re not yet sure I’ve put a complete guide together that includes a detailed voice over definition and tips on how to do a voice over. When it comes to recording a good-quality voice over for eLearning courses, more and more experts are leaning towards the use of […]