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What is an LMS? (Definition and Examples)

What is LMS Software? An LMS or learning management system is software that helps deliver your training material in a way that makes it easily accessible to your students. An LMS structures the content, offers a central login area for students, and provides an admin area for user management as well as course management. The shortest definition […]

Cloud LMS vs Self Hosted LMS: Pros and Cons

What’s the Meaning of “In the Cloud”? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘in the cloud’. It refers to storing and accessing data and software over the Internet instead of software that runs on your computer. All you need is a web browser like Chrome or Firefox, an Internet connection and you can access your […]

How I Use the CoSchedule Editorial Calendar

I’m part of the CoSchedule Referral Program which means I’ll receive a commission if you end up buying CoSchedule through one of my links. There’s no cost to you. I only review products I’ve used and believe could be useful to my readers. I started using CoSchedule very recently. The weird thing is I wasn’t […]